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While Bitcoin is the most recognizable digital asset, it’s just one asset class among many that are here to evolve financial services globally.

While change is guaranteed, the scale and scope of that change are not. For the financial industry, blockchain — the technology that undergirds Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH)…

The AMEPAY platform is highly flexible and is built to maximize utility. Let’s talk about the advantages different categories of users will get to enjoy.

For merchants:

By paying a very low fee on every transaction, merchants will gain access to cutting-edge infrastructure that is guaranteed to take their business…

Burn old AME in Ethereum chain and Mint new AME in AMEPAY 2.0 Private and Permissioned Blockchain. Focusing on Proof of Stake, AMEPAY will be environment friendly.

AMEPAY 2.0 will use Raft as it’s Consensus Protocol.


In order to create more demand to AME, a massive coin burn on the locked supply has been scheduled on Q4 2023. This process invariably increases the value of AME. 20% Profits on AMEPOS Subscriptions Quarter on Quarter (QOQ) will be used to Buyback & Burn AME.

Exchange Listing

AME is planning to list in one of the top 5 Exchanges in Q4 2021.

Ethereum had shown signs of exhaustion with limited Scalability and Consequently High Congestion, High transaction fees and Slower transaction times. Thus, AMEPAY has decided to create its own blockchain network, AMEPAY 2.0

AMEPAY 2.0 Blockchain Testnet will be launched on December 2021 which will be open to Community. The Mainnet launch is planned on Q1 2022. Transactions per second (TPS) ranging from 5000 to 20000 making it among the top 5 fastest Blockchains in the world.

AMEPOS Subscription started in India.

The Cloud-based AMEPOS Software, designed exclusively to serve Retails and Restaurants

has started its Subscriptions throughout India with advanced features. These advanced

features provide the Merchants / Business owners with the means to serve their customers

in a practical, productive manner, all the while collecting…

Another evidence that we at AMEPAY focus on sustainability to stand in the business long run is Staking. When the whole world is bothered about the environmental impact caused by crunching complex math problems, we are halfway through the alternate.

Staking is used in networks with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms…

Modern business is all about the skill of implementing new and effective development tools. Now, when the world is beginning to rely on digital technologies (cryptocurrencies, blockchain, etc.), every business owner is looking for an opportunity to acquire such tools.

AMEPAY uses AME Token as primary payment in AMEPOS —…

The answer to this question lies on the surface: people need all the flexibility and none of the restrictions such as country or bank limitations. Cryptocurrencies fulfill this role nicely.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is the sign of the times. In the digital age, where technology is as widespread as…

Building a new decentralized financial system with stable coins will fundamentally change how people save and use their assets and money. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Stable coins have the potential to overcome significant shortcomings and friction in existing cross-border payments, which is vital for remittances and reducing…

Not all digital assets would be treated as sternly as cryptocurrencies and not all of them will become the future of money.

We’re living in a time where digital assets are moving towards mainstream adoption. From retail customers to traditional banks and financial service providers, digital assets are on the…


AMEPAY is a cryptocurrency-based payments alternative that is fast, convenient and secure.

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