AMEPAY Advantages

The AMEPAY platform is highly flexible and is built to maximize utility. Let’s talk about the advantages different categories of users will get to enjoy.

For merchants:

By paying a very low fee on every transaction, merchants will gain access to cutting-edge infrastructure that is guaranteed to take their business to the next level.

Furthermore, AMEPAY with AMEPOS provides supplementary equipment such as POS devices, including scanners, swiping machines, etc.

For customers:

Customers will find that the utility of the AMEPAY platform is not limited to merchant interaction. They can also leverage the software and cryptocurrency to fulfill a variety of other transactions, including transferring funds to other users, cross-border payments, and much more.

By using the AME token on our platform you will only have to pay the minimum commission, while the transaction is sent directly to other network participants — no more middlemen required.

We are creating a universal digital currency for all countries!

AMEPAY is a cryptocurrency-based payments alternative that is fast, convenient and secure.