How AMEPAY crypto can modernize the world of lending?

AMEPAY Crypto lending offers powerful advantages when compared with the status quo, including more competitive interest rates and flexible terms.

Lending has been around in some form for thousands of years — dating back to ancient civilizations where farmers would borrow seeds and use crops as repayment.

The arrival of fiat currencies transformed the way economies were run back then. Indeed, you could argue that we’re seeing such a seismic shift now as cryptocurrencies become a larger and more influential part of the world’s financial ecosystem.

When done right, crypto lending has the potential to level the playing field — giving consumers a type of flexibility that they may otherwise have been unaccustomed to. For several years now, the rates offered by banks have been tepid, to say the least. In some countries, even the most generous savings accounts will only pay less than 1% interest — even if funds are locked up for several years.

AMEPAY Crypto lending offers three powerful advantages compared with the status quo. First, it is possible to find more competitive deals that ensure capital actually grows — with interest sometimes paid on monthly basis too**(AMEPAY STAKING). Second, it offers a much-needed degree of flexibility to lenders, meaning that they won’t be forced to lock up their money for long periods of time and can withdraw their funds at will(AME Tokens at Exchange)**. And third, it can act as a powerful incentive when markets are behaving rather erratically (can raise 10x-50x).

That’s before we’ve even discussed the fact that crypto as collateral can be far more practical from a lender’s point of view than real estate — an asset that is rather illiquid and can be rather time-consuming to sell.

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